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Extractive economic and political institutions in African countries have locked-in the pharmaceutical sector into industrial under-development.

8 March 2023

In a new article published in Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, Geoff Banda analyses the impact of extractive economic and political institutions on the industrial development of the African pharmaceutical sector.

Networked Bioeconomies for Net-Zero Food Production

27 January 2023

In a new publication, Joyce Tait and colleagues argue that a ‘networked bioeconomy’ model, guided by cascading principles and fast-tracked using innovative technologies, may be more powerful than one based on rigid closed-loop circularity, in delivering sustainable food production.

Innogen at Science and the Parliament event

2 December 2022

On the 23rd of November, Theo Papaioannou, Monica Hoyos Flight and Joyce Tait attended the 22nd annual Science and the Parliament conference at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. The event organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is designed to foster close relations with policymakers and key stakeholders.

Is ‘Plan B’ on the Horizon?

27 October 2022

As the UK’s ‘Plan B’ alternative to association with Horizon Europe looks ever more likely, will it be any better in supporting UK business innovation?

Professor Alan Raybould (1963-2022)

17 October 2022

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Alan Raybould, Chair in Innovation in the Life Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and Innogen co-director.

EurSafe22: Transforming Food Systems conference

22 September 2022

This year’s EurSafe (European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics) conference took place 7-10th September in Edinburgh. Inter-disciplinary researchers from across Europe and beyond gathered to share the latest thinking on the ethical, societal and policy issues around agriculture, agricultural biotechnologies, aquaculture, animal use, food and the food supply chain.

The hidden cost of R&D outsourcing

15 September 2022

By using game-theoretic modelling, Innogen Associate Jack Scannell and colleagues show that outsourcing R&D risks slowing progress in the biopharma innovation ecosystem.

Sustainable aquaculture: Enabling innovation and implementation

4 August 2022

On the 20th of June representatives from the aquaculture sector, academia, environmental and governmental organisations took part in a virtual round table discussion co-hosted by SAIC and Innogen on how best to implement innovations that will improve the sustainability of aquaculture.

Innogen annual meeting 2022

13 June 2022

Innogen researchers and PhD students at The Open University and The University of Edinburgh gathered at High School Yards Teaching Centre in Edinburgh on the 26-27th May to present their work and share future plans.

Prof Joyce Tait calls on the Scottish Government to reconsider its opposition to gene-edited crops

31 May 2022

Speaking to reporter Max Stephens from The Daily Telegraph, Innogen’s Founding Director, said that rejecting the legislation currently under consideration in England that will allow gene-edited products to be grown and sold, will mean Scotland will lose out.