REF 2021: Local manufacturing for inclusive health care in Africa

Internationally leading Open University research on local health-related manufacturing in Africa and its implications for inclusive health care has had wide impacts on national, multilateral and philanthropic policy and professional practice by the following categories of stakeholder, with type of impact:

  • Local health sector manufacturers and manufacturing associations: provision of evidence to strengthen their arguments for policy support for manufacturing development in East Africa;

  • East African health and industrial policy makers: evidence cited, from project policy briefs, to support pharmaceutical manufacturing policy in the Tanzanian Second Five-Year Development Plan (2016), and Tanzanian Ministerial interventions at East African Community (EAC) level;

  • UN bodies: UNIDO, UNCTAD, Unitaid and WHO: policy influence through UN consultancies, invitations to present evidence for policy, expert evidence for UNIDO manufacturing consultations and policy advice, citations in UN policy documents;

  • European development aid: influenced thinking of German Ministry for Development Cooperation on industrial influence on inclusive health care, including their support for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan of Action for East Africa;

  • International NGOs:- contributions by invitation to policy shaping by Médicins sans Frontières and the Access to Medicines Index; citations in NGO policy documents.

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