Regulatory challenges

Innogen’s research on Proportionate and Adaptive Governance of Innovative Technologies (PAGIT) has influenced the UK Government’s initiative on ‘Reforming the Governance of Technological Innovation’.

To support this initiative, the Innogen Institute is building a knowledge base of cases where pre-existing regulatory systems, or absence of a designated regulatory system for a new technology, are preventing or seriously delaying its development or unnecessarily increasing the cost of regulatory compliance.

This knowledge base aims to demonstrate where there is most urgent need for government and regulatory action and point to the kind of action that is most likely to meet those needs while continuing to deliver safety, quality and efficacy from our regulatory systems.

We aim to create a repository of examples from all areas of innovation from life sciences and new biotechnologies, to information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced materials.

We hope that this knowledge base will become a resource for regulators, government bodies and innovators to support regulatory reform. We have begun to populate it with examples from Innogen Institute research, related contacts and published examples.

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute an example based on your own experience.