News and events

Renegotiated Horizon deal: How can the UK get more bang for the taxpayers’ buck?

21 September 2023

UK academics are relieved that the UK will be participating in Horizon Europe as an Associated Country. In this blog post, Chris Warkup asks whether UK taxpayers should be similarly pleased?

Seaweed research collaborations meet dance

20 September 2023

On the 7th September at the The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Innogen co-director Professor Niki Vermeulen, geographer Dr Marion Maisonobe and choreographer Brendan Le Delliou used the medium of dance to convey how international collaborations in seaweed research are forged.

Net Zero and Livestock

24 August 2023

Joyce Tait contributed to CIEL’s latest report highlighting the urgent need for innovations in technology, services and management approaches to achieve the UK livestock sector’s Net Zero ambitions.

Cattle breeding: What should we do next?

17 August 2023

Humans have been selecting animals for their own purposes since ancient times, but what should farmers and breeders be aiming for as new opportunities are opening up with developments in the science of genomics?

Innogen annual meeting 2023

22 June 2023

Innogen researchers and PhD students at The Open University and The University of Edinburgh gathered at The Open University Campus in Milton Keynes on the 1st-2nd June to present their latest research and discuss future plans.

Making a global health research partnership work

15 June 2023

Writing in the BMJ Global Health, Francisca Mutapi, Geoff Banda and Mark Woolhouse share their actionable recommendations for successful equitable global health research partnerships.

Pro-innovation Regulation of Technologies Review

7 June 2023

Joyce Tait contributed to the assessment of the regulatory landscape for the life sciences sector in the ‘Pro-Innovation Regulation of Technologies Review’, which was presented by Professor Dame Angela McLean, the new UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to HM Government.

When is industry ‘sustainable’?

25 May 2023

In her latest article, Prof Smita Srinivas, economic development expert and Innogen member, presents an institutional theory framework to inform the assessment of fast-moving pandemic evidence. She argues that essential features of how some countries and industries adapted during the pandemic have been missed.

Meet Innogen Members: Dr Miguel García-Sancho

23 March 2023

We speak with Dr Miguel García-Sancho, Chancellor’s Fellow and Senior Lecturer at The University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science, about his forthcoming book and future research plans. His history of science expertise, which sits between the production of scientific knowledge and the broader context in which this knowledge circulates, sheds new light on innovation systems and on how science and technology are used to achieve a range of practical goals.

In Conversation event: Why is drug R&D so much less efficient now than it was in 1950?

16 March 2023

On the 2nd of February, Dr Farah Huzair, Lecturer in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, at The University of Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Sciences, and Dr Jack Scannell, CEO of Etheros Pharmaceuticals and Innogen Associate, discussed the reasons underlying the marked decline in drug R&D output efficiency since 1950 and ways to improve it.