Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland


The Administrative Data Research Centre (ADRC) - Scotland aims to make research and make available de-identified administrative data to the research community.

The ADRC will have a core service that will:

- provide state-of-the-art facilities for research access to de-identified administrative data by accredited researchers
- provide data management and statistical analysis support functions for external researchers accessing the data
- engage in training, capacity building, and public engagement

and a set of developmental work packages that will:

- conduct original research using linked administrative data and important analytical and methodological approaches that support the creation of research useful datasets
- explore important aspects of the legal environment and public acceptability of the new linkages that the ADRC’s will naturally be engaged with

It will do this through a support unit providing researchers with a single, initial point of contact for the Scottish ADRC

- A central team of data scientists - researching administrative datasets and supporting researchers through the support unit
- A wide circle of collaborating academics - covering the spectrum of administrative data holding sectors driving forward the data scientists (central team) and bespoke research projects