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Mason Institute Working Paper - Confronting the Liminal Spaces of Health Research Regulation: Beyond Regulatory Compression

Taylor-Alexander, S   Dove, E   Ganguli Mitra, A   Laurie, G   Fletcher, I   McMillan, C   2015

Research capacity building in Africa: networks, institutions and local ownership (106)

Marjanovic, S   Hanlin, R   Diepeveen, S   Yaqub, O   Reding, A   Kale, D   Pederson, J   Chataway, J   2012

The real rebalancing act

Mazzucato, M   Shipman, A.   2012

Business Models and Value Systems for Regenerative Medicine Therapies: Rationale and Methodology

Tait, J   Bruce, K   Courtenay, A   Gregson, G   Lowrie, H   Mastroeni, M   Mittra, J   Pearson, MA   Robertson, M   Snowden, K   2011

Life Science Innovation

Reiss, T   Tait, J   2005