PhD projects

Current PhD projects

Rosalind Attenborough - Scientific openness: a new epistemic virtue

Lizzie Babister - Shelter and settlements after humanitarian crises

Rodrigo Liscovsky Barrera - Collaborate or perish: a multi level social network analysis of scientific internationalism in Latin America

Sam Beechener - How co-innovation impacts on scaling

Alexander Bud - Nollywood: growth of a cultural industry in Nigeria

Conor Carty - Attitudes to sustainable intensification; a bottom up approach examining dairy farmers in Scotland and Ireland

Anna Couturier - EuroStemCell

Fiona Coyle - Mitigating Modification: Understanding the societal and ethical implications of the regulation of new and emerging biomedical technologies in the UK 2006-2018

Owais Anwar Golra - Understanding the learning and innovation in the textile sector of Pakistan

Juliet Kariuki - Food provisioning systems in East Africa

Andrew Mkwashi - The impact of medical equipment regulatory pathways on health systems performance

Gauri Misra - Innovation for Corporate Social Responsibility to create shared value

George Papamichail - The implementation challenge of smart specialization innovation strategies in catch-up regions: the role of institutions, governance and capacity building

Luis Soares - The sociotechnical transformation of the livestock market in Tanzania

Samuel Simpungwe - Policy, Finance and Agriculture Development: Implications for agriculture innovation systems and lending technologies - A Case Study for Zambia’s Coffee and Cotton

Matjaz Vidmar - New space industry and innovation

Frederick Vigano - Reverse engineering as a strategic tool for pharmaceutical (Healthcare) industry

Laura Volkmer - Transferring Scientific Objects: unpacking the intellectual ownership of scientific apparatus transferred from universities to museums

Zhehong Zheng - An empirical study of credit constraints, financial system and R&D investment over the business cycle

Giorgos Zoukas - Scientist produced climate blogs

Tara Wight - Enhancing plant resilience via stress-priming - a solution for sustainable agricultural development


Completed PhD projects


Luis Soares - The sociotechnical transformation of the livestock market in Tanzania

Frederick Odhiambo Ajwang - The structure of vertical coordination and regulation systems in the Kenyan fresh fruits and vegetables export value chain

Sara Marcela Valencia Cadavid - A model to study the flow and use of knowledge in outsourced knowledge intensive projects: a multi case study of three vaccine clinical trials in Latin America

Jin Ding - The evolution and dynamics of the Sectoral System of Innovation - A case study of orphan drug innovation in the US

Abel Villa Rodríguez -  Global Value Chains (GVC) and Social Learning. Developing Producer Capabilities in Smallholder Farmers. The case of San Francisco Produce/Peninsula Organics (SFP/PO)


Sara Bea - No heroics please: mapping deceased donation practices in a Catalan hospital

Leah Gilman - Qualifying kinship: how do UK gamete donors negotiate identity release donation

Tarmphong Chobisar - Partnership and Biobank Governance


Vera Mugittu - Influencing innovation structures and processes in agro-industries dominated by subsistence providers: the analysis of the rural poultry industry in Tanzania

Malissa Shaw - Embodied Agency and Agentic Bodies: Negotiating Medicalisation in Colombian Assisted Reproduction


Alison Wheatley - Good soldiers, good guys and good parents: the meanings of donation and donbated tissue in the context of the Danish donor sperm industry

Diana Carolina - Velasco Malaver Innovation systems in developing contexts: a top-down and bottom-up approach to the Colombian national system of innovation and the coffee flower and sugarcane production chains

Pattamaporn Prachomrat - Public sector R & D and innovation in an emerging country: An analysis of knowledge flow between public and private sectors in the Thai National System of Innovation


Andrew Agyei-Holmes - Tilling the soil in Tanzania: what the emerging countries have to offer

Richmond Atta-Ankomah - China’s presence in Developing countries technology basket: the case of furniture manufacturing in Kenya

David Botchie - Distinctiveness of Asian driver and western garment technologies Uganda


Shishuri Pradhan - From green revolution to green gold: the evolution of the Indian National Mission on biodiesel

Ali Maleki - Dynamics of Knowledge Base Complexity: an Inquiry into Oil Producing Countries' Struggle to Build Innovation Capabilities

Claudio Velasco - Driving institutional innovation for agricultural innovation through R&D projects

Geoffrey Banda - Financing ARV drug manufacture in Zimbabwe: implications for technological capabilities and innovation of African local pharmaceutical production

John Gillott - The Changing Governance of Science? A critical enquiry into the contemporary politics of governance of natural science research as expected through the human tissue and embryos cases in the UK

Emma King - Blood, Sweat and Tears: A case study of the development of cultured red blood cells for transfusion

Jonathan Suk - Epidemic Communities: Climate change, emerging disease and the governance of science; Emerging governance responses aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases


Elisabeth N’gang’a - A Boundary Organisation for the South: the success and challenges of TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the developing world, in attaning power for scientists of the south

Heather Lowrie - Emerging technological risks in insurance practices


Ann Bruce - The Textures of Controversy: Values and Interests in Disputes Around Genomics.

Shawn Harmon - Health Research, (Bio) Technology, Regulation and Values: Operationalising Socio-moral values in the Legal Setting

Mary Upton - The Politics of Health: community engagement in South African HIV vaccine clinical trials

Najib Murad - Novel Life Science Business Models: the Strategic Issues in Stem Cell Commercialisation


Caryn Abrahams - Zambia’s Food System: multiple risks of power and intersecting governance

Maurice Bolo - Partners for Learning and Innovation: a Case Study of ‘farmer-exporter’ Partnerships in Kenya

Lillian Jensen - Innovation in Pharma Companies: an Investigation of R&D and External Knowledge Acquisition


Sian Benyon-Jones - Expertise and Scottish Abortion Practice: Understanding Health Care Professionals Accounts

Vikas Chandra - Patents and Publication Networks in Stem Cell Research

Ann Kin’gir’i - An Enquiry into Biosafety Regulation Implementation in Kenya: perspectives and roles of scientists

Tamar Shengelia - The Discourses of the GM Crops Debate

Stuart Parris - Venture Capital in the UK: a Regional Deal?

Maija-Kaisa Hirvonen - The National Mission on Biodiesel: a study of science, development and policy processes in India (MPhil)


Phoebe Cochrane - Community Involvement in Woodlands: governance and social benefits

Pelin Demirel - Firm Growth, Innovation and Implications for Market Selection; the Pharmaceutical Industry

Rebecca Hanlin - Partnerships for Vaccine Development: Building Capacity to Strengthen Developing Country Health and Innovation

Matt Harsh - Living Technology and Development: Agricultural Biotechnology and Civil Society in Kenya

Farah Huzair - Innovative Capabilities of the Agricultural Biotechnology Sector in Hungary

Adele Langlois - The UNESCO Genetics and Bioethics Declarations: Implications for Global Governance

Nicola Marks - Opening Up Spaces for Reflexivity? Scientists and Discourses about Stem Cell Research and Public Engagement

Donna Messner - Fast Track: the Transformation of Drug Approval and Clinical Trial System for Drug Evaluation in the United States

Julius Mugwagwa - Supranational Organisations and Cross-national Policy Convergence: the Cast of Biosafety in Southern Africa

Jennifer Speirs - Secretly Connected: Anonymous Semen Donation, Genetics and Meanings of Kinship


Karin Boschert - Agrawende: Cognitive-normative Approaches to Policy Change in German Agro-biotechnology

Kalpana Chaturvedi - The Dynamics of Technological Innovation in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Dinar Kale - Re-developing Knowledge Creation Capacity in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Catherine Lyall - Concurrent Power: the Role of Policy Networks in the Multi-level Governance of Science and Technology in Scotland


Sarah Parry - Debating Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning: Multiple Meanings, Competing Constructions