Transitions, evolution & history

Innovations do not arise out of a vacuum but are very much part of longer historical developments, in science, policy and society at large. As such, contemporary developments in science and technology cannot be understood without knowledge of the ways in which they build on previous work and configurations. Historical approaches explore continuities and discontinuities in the development of science and technology, drawing attention to trajectories, transitions and alternatives. Moreover, exploring how specific advances in science and technology unfold over time, including their interaction with research and science policy, can shed light on different approaches for fostering innovation and understanding their value


EurSafe22: Transforming Food Systems conference

22 September 2022

This year’s EurSafe (European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics) conference took place 7-10th September in Edinburgh. Inter-disciplinary researchers from across Europe and beyond gathered to share the latest thinking on the ethical, societal and policy issues around agriculture, agricultural biotechnologies, aquaculture, animal use, food and the food supply chain.

Renegotiated Horizon deal: How can the UK get more bang for the taxpayers’ buck?

21 September 2023

UK academics are relieved that the UK will be participating in Horizon Europe as an Associated Country. In this blog post, Chris Warkup asks whether UK taxpayers should be similarly pleased?

Meet our Researchers: Dr Fredrick Ajwang

11 May 2020

We speak with Dr Fredrick Ajwang a Postdoctoral Researcher at University College Dublin’s School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe). Fredrick carried out his PhD studies at the Open University under the supervision of David Wield, Julius Mugwagwa and Charlotte Cross. His thesis explored the governance and regulatory challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Kenya’s fresh and vegetables export value chain and ways to ensure that they remain in the value chain. Now, he is exploring innovative ways to mitigate violence in ethnically divided societies and promote development.

Launching a series of ‘In Conversation’ events

7 February 2022

Over the coming months, Innogen researchers will be hosting and participating in ‘In Conversation’ events in which they will discuss some of their latest research and policy work.

Meet Innogen Members: Dr Miguel García-Sancho

23 March 2023

We speak with Dr Miguel García-Sancho, Chancellor’s Fellow and Senior Lecturer at The University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science, about his forthcoming book and future research plans. His history of science expertise, which sits between the production of scientific knowledge and the broader context in which this knowledge circulates, sheds new light on innovation systems and on how science and technology are used to achieve a range of practical goals.