Policy & governance of innovative technologies

Regulations, standards and guidelines to ensure safety, quality and efficacy are an integral part of the development of technological advances, particularly in life sciences. Innogen’s research on the governance systems we adopt for innovative technologies, how such choices are made and their impact on future innovation trajectories, the fate of future sectors of the economy, and the competitive advantage of nations, is internationally unique.


Innogen Annual Meeting

3 June 2021

On the 24th May over 30 Innogen members from the Open University and the University of Edinburgh participated in the Institute’s virtual meeting. Following the keynote presentation by Prof. Smita Srinivas on ‘The What, When, How of Policy for Technological Capabilities’, various PIs and PhD students gave short presentations on their work and future plans. Over the course of the day, they were able to exchange ideas and identify new opportunities for collaboration and funding.

Making Science Relevant to Policy and Decision-making

21 January 2022

Innogen researchers are delivering a new postgraduate course at the University of Edinburgh on policy-led science for decision-making.

Sustainable aquaculture: Enabling innovation and implementation

4 August 2022

On the 20th of June representatives from the aquaculture sector, academia, environmental and governmental organisations took part in a virtual round table discussion co-hosted by SAIC and Innogen on how best to implement innovations that will improve the sustainability of aquaculture.

Pro-innovation Regulation of Technologies Review

7 June 2023

Joyce Tait contributed to the assessment of the regulatory landscape for the life sciences sector in the ‘Pro-Innovation Regulation of Technologies Review’, which was presented by Professor Dame Angela McLean, the new UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to HM Government.