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Developing Standards To Support The Synthetic Biology Value Chain

Parris, S   Parks, S   Ghiga, I   Lepetit, L   Chataway, J   Morgan Jones, M   2017

RAND Research report: The Digital Catapult and Productivity: A Framework for Productivity Growth from Sharing Closed Data

Parris, S   Spisak, A   Lepetit, L   Marjanovic, S   Gunashekar, S   Morgan Jones, M   2015

Public Acceptability of Data Sharing Between the Public, Private and Third Sectors for Research Purposes

Davidson, S   McLean, C   Treanor, S   Aitken, M   Cunningham-Burley, S   Laurie, G   Pagliari, C   Sethi, N   2013

Pathways for Energy Storage in the UK: A Report for the Centre for Low Carbon Futures

Taylor, P   Bolton, R   Stone, D   Zhang, X-P   Martin, C   Upham, P   2012

RIN Report: Information Use and Exchange

Williams, R   Pryor, G   Bruce, A   Macdonald, S   Marsden, W   2009

IRGC Report on Risk Governance Deficits

International Risk Governance Council   2009

Riskbridge Project Report

Project Coordinator: Dr. Jaap van der Vlies   2009

Consequences, Opportunities and Challenges of Modern Biotechnology for Europe (Bio4EU)

Zika, E   Papatryfon, I   Wolf, O   Gomez-Barbero, M   Stein, AJ   Bock, A   2007