Promoting Responsible Innovation

22 May 2020

One of the highlights of this year’s BSI’s Standards e-conference was the launch of a Publicly Available Specification on Responsible Innovation (PAS 440), written by Innogen’s co-director, Joyce Tait.

This guidance is relevant to all innovative technologies and was created to help companies innovate responsibly so they can achieve the benefits of innovation in a timely manner, and identify and avoid any potential harm or unintended misuse of a new product, service, process or business model.

By improving the quality of innovation, companies can become more resilient, save costs, improve their sustainability, and gain customer/investor trust. PAS 440 provides a standardised approach to identify, evaluate, record and communicate the benefits and possible risks of innovation.

As Joyce explains, the demand for a responsible innovation PAS was first established through in-depth interviews involving over 40 innovative companies from a broad range of sectors. The PAS development process is a fast-tracked and rigorous and open consensus building process and included the appointment of a dedicated advisory panel (PAS Steering Group) from SMEs, multinationals, academia and government bodies, and an open public consultation.

The document has been very well received; it was downloaded over 1,000 times during the first 24 hours after the launch.

This PAS is intended to be utilised by an international audience. The PAS has a life of 2 years, during which this ‘living document’ will be tested across various sectors. After 2 years, BSI will take the decision to review and leave as is, revise or take the PAS forward for consideration as a formal standard (BS, EN or ISO) through the relevant channels and approvals.

Responsible innovation is about doing the right thing at a speed that benefits your innovating organisation, your supply chain, your customers and society. PAS 440 addresses this by giving you a structure”, said Daniel Barlow, Head of Innovation Policy at BSI.

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