Local production of pharmaceuticals and health system strengthening in Africa: An Evidence Brief

Industrial development in pharmaceuticals in Africa can support health system strengthening Developing local pharmaceutical production can improve access to medicines and help to generate the scientific, technological and skills base for building stronger and more resilient health systems. These health-industry mutual benefits also depend on funding and managing competent, inclusive, population-focused health services, and on effective industrial regulation for quality assurance. Local and global perspectives on emergency preparedness differ: both must be addressed Global health security frameworks focus on technologies for emergencies that threaten the wider world. African experts shift the focus onto breaking supply constraints for recurrent lethal emergencies by building local supply capacities and organisational expertise. Both contributions are needed to build medium-term health security. External actors can support an upward spiral of health-industry synergies An upward spiral of industrial development and health system strengthening is emerging in some countries. External actors can support these synergies by linking up initiatives to strengthen access to medicines, through funding and procurement, to initiatives to strengthen the local industrial supplier base.
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