• Emerging technologies

    Emerging technologies are met with high expectations and great uncertainty. They can deliver remarkable advances in healthcare, agriculture and energy; but they also raise concerns about biosafety, biosecurity, intellectual property and the status of ‘nature‘. Innogen offers new insights and methodological approaches to explicitly address the ethical, legal and social implications of new technologies in the 21st century.

  • Agriculture and environment

    Technological innovation in agrochemicals, biotechnology and seeds has promised to provide socially and environmentally sustainable farming systems and to improve the quality of life in Europe and worldwide. But so far, progress has been discouraged or delayed. Innogen’s research has shown the need for inquiry within and beyond the agricultural sector to better understand how this promise can be delivered.

  • Global health and development

    Debate around health systems often focuses on lives saved by new and improved medicines and fails to consider the long-term development of scientific and research capacity in developing countries, and how this affects the health of a country’s population, or its economic growth. A recognition that health, education and industrial policy are interlinked is at the core of Innogen’s approach.

  • Innovation systems

    Innovation in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical development is influenced by a complex group of agencies. An evolutionary approach to innovation involves the encouragement of investment into a region or nation, accompanied by infrastructure development, and the regulation of new products. Innogen is well placed to understand, assess and plan growth at all points of the cycle.

  • Life science governance and engagement

    Advances in the life sciences can bring huge improvements in human health, but progress is often constrained by factors such as regulatory and safety concerns, and the complexity of product development. Innogen helps shed light on this process through an integrated analysis of science and innovation strategies, governance and regulation issues, and public and stakeholder perspectives.

Research at Innogen

Innogen scholars produce world leading research with global impact on the social and economic impact of innovation in the life sciences. We are pioneering approaches that connect people, policy and practice to innovative solutions for real world problems.